How we Work




Strategy and Planning

After identifying the long and short-term goals of the needed works, we develop strategies and planning to accomplish these goals.

Offer & Acceptance

This process typically begins when we make a work plan and send an offer to you. Then, if you accept it, we will direct proceed.

Support and Maintaince

We will directly provide the support and maintenance services regarding the earlier planning that was agreed upon.

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Save toward your goals, Automatically With us By Optimal Engagement.

We are currently faced with the new development and the market growth in which providing services, contracts, and other things must expand. Frequently, the focus has been on how to do better - but now an increasing number of companies are realizing the change in customer power and the strategic possibilities of service. This has made many organizations redefine the service mission in the context of helping the organization compete, profit, and increase its market share. We are interested in answering the following questions:
Given the unique circumstances of the organization and its industry, what else should the service do?
As competitors innovate in how they conduct business and interact with customers, how can service organizations contribute to growth and profitability?

Every Great Services

Our project supports and IT consultancy services are for the clients who require some strategic, technical, or operational expertise to help them leverage their investment in their IT.

Break / Fix

We are usually working on a time-and-materials basis in which we charge an hourly rate plus the cost of parts; there are some exceptions. For example, we might offer discrete services, such as virus removal, at a flat rate instead of an hourly rate, usually because we have a clear idea of the time involved.

Infrastructure Support

Keep your IT infrastructures and systems working continuously and ceaselessly. We are supporting:
- Security and IT Governance
- Telephony, hardware support of laptops, PCs, and other devices
- Cabling Organizing
- Installing/reorganizing workplaces

24/7 Helpdesk

We are providing you with 24/7 global coverage. We provide full-time, on-site, or remote for project and maintenance services to solve all your IT challenges. Our engineers are qualified to perform L1, L2, and L3, and we are all experts and certified at delivering prompt proactive and reactive support for all your hardware and software needs.

We are Optimists Who
Love to Work Together

We are an experienced services provider of outsourced tech support services, and we know how to keep prices per case under control for you. We will give the organizations on-size cost, no more, no less.

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Ad-Hoc/Managed Business IT Support

Ad-Hoc business IT support is the most standard and straightforward model and can be delivered via on-site visit (most often, it will be delivered by an engineer coming to your premises) or even remotely. This model has an excellent advantage to the business. By choosing this particular IT support model, there are no ongoing costs, and you only pay for a specific time carrying out the fix.
3-Tech has a well-staffed, knowledgeable, and qualified helpdesk team and all our activities will be inside a suitable SLA (service level agreement)! This team already has a well-documented record of your systems, with easy access to your details to enable fast resolution of any issues. We will value your feedback, so customer surveys and a thermometer of customer happiness should be a critical KPI.
There are even more advantages to hiring an outsourced IT company to do some of your IT activities than are listed on your strategy. Along with availability, experience, and security, our company will bring more to the table than you imagined. Some of these benefits will only reveal themselves with time. The best way to learn is to contact a company like us and arrange for a quote or consultation.


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